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As we approach retirement, there are many options and choices that are thrust upon us. These options and the choices we make will guide us through our retirement and help provide you the standard of living you’ve been accustomed to during your working life.

Pension Options- 

  Many companies will offer defined benefit pension plans that have been accumulated for you during the years of your employment. At retirement, you have a choice of several options. Here are a few common options.
  1. Full Monthly Annuity - Provides you a guaranteed lifetime income by form of a monthly check or direct deposit. Full benefit for you, but no survivor benefit for your spouse.
  2. Reduced Monthly Annuity - Lifetime income for you and for your spouse. This is based on a reduced annuity amount, usually between 0-15 % reduction. However, if you and your spouse pass away, there is no further survivor benefit.
  3. Lump Sum - Basically, the company converts your monthly annuity to a present value lump sum distribution. This allows you to invest the assets at your discretion and potentially grow your assets.
401k Rollover-
  Upon separation from Service. Many clients would like to assume control of their own 401k without the restrictions and choices that are set by their previous employer. The process of moving it from your current plan to an Individual Retirement Account is called a Rollover. Making the right decisions and completing this process is integral in providing for a secure future.

Health Insurance Options

  Upon separation. Many companies will provide you with health insurance choices. Choosing the plan that works best for you is imperative. We help you sift through the variety of benefits to choose which plan works best for you.

Life Insurance Options-

  (You and Spouse)- How much Life Insurance should you keep at retirement. Usually, you get one times your annual salary for free. After that, choosing the correct participant and spousal coverage is very important.